Kickstarter Campaign Lauched!

February 25th, 2010

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to make a film. This is the story of SNOWFLAKE.

7 years ago, I wrote the original feature film to tell the story of a struggling artist in the music industry that paralleled my own trials and tribulations as an aspiring filmmaker. My vision could not be realized without building a team of trusted talents who were trying to chase their own dreams in the film industry. Drawing from my resources and connections through Emerson College, I began to make short films under my production company, Goldilocks Productions. Each film was one step closer to completing an impressive reel, and therefore one step closer to making Snowflake a reality.

After knocking on many doors on both coasts for funding and coming up empty, I (with encouragement from the Goldilocks Team aka Team Snowflake) decided to not only take matters into my own hands, but also reach out to the online and artistic communities that have supported me from the beginning: This is where YOU come in. Your involvement in the film goes beyond pledging your hard earned cash. We want all of you to be a part of this film, because we are all struggling for our dreams.

Repeat after me: “I AM SNOWFLAKE!”

It’s true! We are all different, beautiful, talented and have voices that should be heard. With your pledge, your support, your efforts to spread the word of Snowflake, we can make a wonderful film that tells a timely tale: How do we rise above? We are looking to make this film for as little money as possible to prove to the film industry (and ourselves) that you do not need a blockbuster budget to make a high quality movie in all areas. The $5,000 represents the minimum amount needed to technically make the film. Everything else is free labor from cast and crew, donations from friends and family (and you), and your support to market the film through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and the blog on our website Donations does not mean “money”; we rely on people’s resources to find locations to shoot, places for cast and crew to stay, props, wardrobe, food for cast and crew during shoots, equipment, and basically any “thing” that will help the team execute the film. Many of our rewards also give you opportunities to participate and experience the film through music, and on or behind the scenes involvement.

Team Snowflake is ready to complete this project by any means necessary, and we invite you to become an honorary member of the team! Please look at our rewards section for your pledges and experience the journey with us.

Thank you in advanced for any and all support! Feel free to contact me through Kickstarter to ask any questions.

Here is the link to make a pledge….

Snowflake NEWS!

February 25th, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Filmmaker counting on a flurry of financing


Worcester filmmaker and producer Kristen Lucas had a script, a business plan and meetings in Los Angles with potential producers.

Not a drop — or flake, so to speak — of fundraising resulted there or elsewhere. But Lucas is an undaunted sort of person, as evidenced by her ability to put together short films in 48 hours with her own production company, Goldilocks Productions.

So, she still has a script, a revised business plan, an ongoing dream of making her movie “Snowflake” and a team that believes in the project as much as she does. Now she needs a kick-start.

In the prospective full-length movie “Snowflake,” which Lucas wrote (along with Kyle Perzanoski, who revised the screenplay) and will direct, Jesse Ashton is a 21-year-old white female rapper trying to transcend barriers of both race and gender as she competes in the gritty urban hip-hop scene.

Ashton’s fictional story became real-life inspiration for Lucas and Goldilocks Productions.

“She (Ashton) is chasing her dream,” Lucas said of her character’s underdog aspirations. “We said, ‘We’ve got to make this movie.’ We said, ‘All right, we won’t use a lot of money but we’ll use our own resources.’ ”

To that end, “Snowflake” has been posted on, a relatively new Web site that tries to match artists with prospective backers. Artists — by invitation only — detail their projects with a proposed budget. Supporters have a certain time period to pledge online, and if the artists reach or exceed their goal they receive the funds (if they don’t, the money is returned). The minimum fundraising goal for “Snowflake” is $5,000, which has to be raised by 5 p.m., April 30. The $5,000 will be used for equipment such as cameras, lights and supplies, and the Goldilocks Productions team then plans to kick into action and film in and around Worcester in May. A casting call (open to Screen Actors Guild and non-SAG members) for actors will be held at 6 p.m. March 14 at the Canal Lounge, 60 Harding St. (contact to confirm an appointment).

Meanwhile, the clock has started ticking. As of Tuesday morning, the posting stated that eight backers had pledged $345 of the $5,000 goal, with 66 days to go …

Lucas has a graduate degree in screenwriting from Emerson College in Boston. With Goldilocks Productions she organized teams to compete twice in the Providence leg of the 48-Hour Film Challenge and once in the National Film Challenge, resulting in two awards. She also worked with Tom Henrickson of Worcester to make a 30-minute short of his planned full-length comedy “Third Date.” The film was shown at Worcester Showcase North Cinemas and made its Los Angeles debut at the LA Shorts Film Festival.

Duly encouraged, Lucas set about plans for her first full-length movie “Snowflake,” based on a story she had written several years ago. Through previous experiences and contacts, Lucas put together a talented technical crew, and she cast Atlanta actress and break dancer Katherine “Kat” Slatery in the title role.

At one point there was a $2.5 million business plan, and Lucas went out to Los Angeles to pitch the film. “But that didn’t happen,” she acknowledged about the money.

Compounding the situation, Lucas was laid off from her day job as a marketing manager at a company she had worked at for 23 years.

Losing the job means she’ll have more time for “Snowflake,” Lucas said gamely.

“We think it’s a better story (because of the adversity),” she said of the movie.

The posting offers some incentives to investors. A pledge of $10, for example, gets you a “Team Snowflake” bumper sticker; $50, a T-shirt; $100 allows you to submit a song for consideration on the soundtrack; with $1,000 you can be director for a day.

In addition to the $5,000 she hopes to raise via, Lucas plans to use some of her own savings. Meanwhile, there will be “in-kind” donations, and most of the team will work in the hope that they’ll be rewarded at some point at “the back end” of the proceedings. It’s not necessarily a snow dream — Lucas pointed out that the film “Paranormal Activity” was shot on a $15,000 budget and is now nearing a gross of $170 million.

Her team has stayed loyal, including her Snowflake, the photogenic Slatery. Among others involved are Will Barratt, director of photography, who has worked with writer/director Adam Green on the films “Coffee and Donuts,” “Spiral,” “Hatchet” and “Frozen.”

Behind the scenes for “Snowflake” things might be less Hollywood glamorous, depending on the location and how long it takes to set things up. “People might be sleeping on floors,” Lucas said.

But it will be what’s on the screen that counts. “It will still look amazing,” Lucas said.

Snowflake Talent Search at Mojito’s in Boston on August 20th!

August 6th, 2009

Hi everyone,

Team Snowflake has been hard at work promoting Snowflake.  We had a successful trip to Miami in June and now we’re getting ready for the Boston Premiere of the Snowflake Teaser Trailer… we will be hosting a FREE party at Mojito’s in Boston on August 20th, the address is 48 Winter Street Downtown Boston.  The party starts at 8pm and we will show the film with some live performances starting at 9pm.  Then we will conduct a talent search for musical groups to be a part of the film…. We are only accepting 20 groups/artists to sign up, the cost is $25 in advance…. copy and paste this link into your browser to sign up…..

Any questions email me at

Check out pics from the Snowflake Teaser Trailer Debut!

June 18th, 2009

On June 6, 2009 Team Snowflake debuted the teaser trailer for the upcoming feature length film at The Mansion House in Worcester, which was one of the locations we shot at.  We had special performances by Kahdiak and Keith “KLEP” Napier, our very own Music Supervisor on the project…. Check out the pics here…. Stay tuned for details on more local screenings when we get back from South Beach!


June 12th, 2009

Miami Premiere Poster

WORCESTER – The Massachusetts team behind the upcoming feature film “Snowflake” will be hosting a free screening of their short “teaser” film at the South Beach hotspot Albion on Friday, June 26.  

“Snowflake” is the story of Jesse Ashton, a 20-year-old white female rapper played by Atlanta actress and breakdancer Katherine “Kat” Slatery and produced by Goldilocks Productions.  The film follows Snowflake as she tries to transcend barriers of both race and gender while competing in the gritty urban hip-hop scene.  The full-length feature is slated to be filmed in Massachusetts this fall. 

The teaser trailer will be shown at a June 26 “Snowflake” party the producers are co-hosting at Albion, 1650 James Avenue, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. during the American Black Film Festival which runs June 24 to June 27 in South Beach.  The premiere party will include a listening party featuring the “Snowflake” soundtrack, local actors interested in being in the film can drop their headshots off, debut of the teaser at 9:30 p.m., meet-and-greets with Kat and the Goldilocks team, and a live DJ spinning tracks from “Snowflake” mixed into the regular set.

For more information on “Snowflake” please contact Kristen Lucas at or go to